(Yet) Unabated Election Data Manipulation Continues

(Yet) Unabated Election Data Manipulation Continues

Now that our data heroes have learned how to drill deep down for deviations in the data, we can report more Election Deception manipulation occurring than you could have ever imagined.

We want YOU to be a part of the Election Correction Team that will work to achieve Election Security.

As mentioned in Report 2, called “The Spider Web of Election Deception,” there were over 900,000 Michigan voters who had their voting histories scrubbed leading up to and shortly after the 11/3/2020 election.

These 900,000 voting histories have all reappeared.

It is a fact, though, that some of these histories have been added and removed multiple times.

The only good thing about it is that the details of these voting histories can now be examined on an individual voter basis.

First, let’s look at a small slice of the bigger picture.

The following chart focuses only on the results of the election of 11/3/2020. There are almost 296,000 records that are being tracked as having voters and their vote history added and removed.

The data in this chart has been filtered so that the only sample voters included are those voters who had their voting histories Removed and Added between four and five times (and this particular chart is only a small sampling size of that data set).

As you might be able to see, the person shown first in this example chart, Helen Ober, had her voting history removed on 1/1/2021. It was added back in on 4/1/2021. It was removed again on 7/1/2022. It was added back on 8/1/2022 and removed again on 10/1/2022.

Following is a chart depicting Helen Ober’s voting history:

Now, remember the Qualified Voter File (QVF) version that was obtained on 1/1/2021 showed data compiled in December of 2020. So, in other words, Helen Ober’s voting history was removed shortly after the 11/3/2020 election even though her registration remained active. It appears that Helen’s voting history returned by the time the 4/1/2021 QVF version was obtained but, in April of 2021, she is shown as having moved from Flat Rock, Michigan to Riverview, Michigan.

Helen’s voting history remained on the QVF versions obtained on 10/1/2021 all the way through to the version that was obtained on 7/1/2022, at which point her voting history was removed again (and records show that she was no longer “registered” to vote).

The following month, 8/1/2022, Helen’s voting history reappears, but by 10/1/2022 her voting history was removed again and her registration was removed.

The data also shows that Helen did not vote in any elections since 11/3/2020.

After checking with the SmartBackgroundChecks website, we have confirmed that Helen Ober now lives in Libertyville, Illinois (as of January of 2023).

It will be interesting to see if Helen Ober's voting history returns to the QVF some time in the future. Our data trackers will be checking!

One of the interesting facets of having the ability to review voting histories that are added and removed is that our data experts can find all kinds of scenarios like, for example, the one shown below, depicting Yvonne Sokolsky-Grace’s voting history:

As you can see in the information column to the right of the chart, Yvonne was not registered to vote prior to November of 2020, yet she is shown as having voted as far back November of 2009 (when a special election was held across the United States that included the re-election of former Mayor Dave Bing in Detroit, MI). From that date forward, Yvonne is shown as living in the City of Berkley, Oakland County, Michigan.

That is confusing enough, yet not one of the QVF versions that were obtained prior to 12/1/2022 shows any history of Yvonne ever having voted at all. But, on the 12/1/2022 QVF version, she is shown as having voted in all 19 elections from 11/3/2009 through and including the election of 11/8/2022.

You can see this data in the final row dated 12/1/2022 that is not highlighted but is instead filled in with N or Y. That N or Y designation indicates the method used to vote (N means in-person; Y means Absentee).

So according to the Qualified Voter File information obtained on 12/1/2022, Yvonne voted in at least three elections (that we can verify) before she was even registered to vote.

We do not want to speculate on Yvonne’s registration history prior to December of 2018 because we do not have access to any of the Qualified Voter Files prior to that time in history.

Now that we are on the subject of the Qualified Voter File dates in this report, it might be a good time to explain why there are gaps in the QVF dates shown in the first column on the left of many of the charts that we are sharing with you.

It is important to remember that when we talk about a QVF dated, for example, 1/1/2021, we are talking about the previous month’s data. So, in other words, the 1/1/2021 QVF shows what happened in the month of December of 2020.

QVF data sets were not regularly obtained until December of 2021 when many of the newly formed election integrity groups started getting serious about securing our elections. Before that time, we were fortunate enough to have access to a person who collected QVF data sets in a hit-and-miss fashion starting in January of 2019, so there are breaks between the date sequence. (For example, you will see that we have the 1/1/2019 QVF version but not another until 10/1/2019).

This tells us that it is likely that our voting histories were manipulated many more times during 2019, 2020 and 2021, but we cannot prove it because QVFs were not regularly requested (and paid for via FOIA requests) until December of 2021.

Here is another example of similar voting history manipulation involving a person who, according to the QVF data, voted before he was registered to vote. This is also an interesting case because we cannot verify if “Joseph Griggs” even exists:


Whether Joe exists or not, his voting history does exist, and it is being illegally manipulated. Again, no voting history was reported for Mr. Griggs on any of the QVFs obtained prior to 12/1/2022, but then on that date, the QVF shows that he voted in 14 elections since November 3, 2009, including at least three elections that we can prove he voted in before he was even registered to vote.

Here’s another example of egregious data manipulation:

Thomas Koenigsknecht’s voting history was removed some time during the month of June of 2022, as evidenced on the QVF dated 7/1/2022, but his voting history was added back in during the month of July.

However, it only remained on the QVF for one month.

As you can see, Tom’s voting history was removed again on the 9/1/2022 through the 11/1/2022 QVF versions, but it reappeared on the QVF dated 12/1/2022.

What we don’t yet know is what date in August of 2022 he was removed.

Was he removed on August 1st prior to the 8/2/2022 election, or was he removed on August 3rd after the election?

And, was Mr. Koenigsknecht added back in on November 7, 2022, in time for the election of November 8th, or was he added back on November 9th after the election?

Someone should ask the Gratiot Fulton Township clerk these questions.

There is example after example of this kind of illegal data manipulation occurring at the Secretary of State level of our corrupt government, such as Linda Busche’s voting history shown in the chart below:

You may wonder just how many examples of voter history manipulation we have!

Our data experts have over 1 million illegally manipulated voter histories that will be shared with our clerks, our legislators, our law enforcement, and our judiciary as soon as we can build the citizen engagement needed to accomplish this important oversight operation. We are working to accomplish that goal.

What we do know right now is that our elections should never have been certified with the kind of data manipulation that is ongoing here in Michigan.

You might remember the following chart from Report 2 – “The Spider Web of Election Deception” – which shows that 350 votes were added to the 11/3/2020 election in the month of December of 2022 (shown in the last row of the chart below).

People such as Yvonne Sokolsky-Grace, Joseph Griggs, Thomas Koenigsknecht, and Linda Busche are included in those 350 mysterious voters and their votes which were added four short months ago to the election that took place over two years ago.

There is hard-data evidence that voter history data manipulation is occurring in every single county in Michigan and in every single jurisdiction within those 83 counties.

This indicates one of two things: Either every single clerk in every single jurisdiction in every single county is negligent and is breaking the law by not uploading all votes within 7 days of an election, (see Michigan Election Law 168.813 Paragraph 5) or the data is being manipulated at the State level, probably accelerated and (almost) perfected by ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), the system that SOS Jocelyn Benson instituted immediately upon her (probably suspect) election in 2018/2019.

We will not stop until all the evidence is revealed to the general public and someone is held accountable for this affront to secure elections.

In our upcoming Report 4, you will discover who the Bureau of Elections FOIA Coordinator is blaming for this, and more ... stay tuned!

Meanwhile, please send an email message to info@michiganconservativeunion.org to join our efforts to Secure Michigan Elections!

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