The Michigan Conservative Union (MCU) is a conservative, grass roots', non-profit organization that was founded in 1975 by Norman Hughes.


Establish Truth, Justice, Courage and Honor as the foundations of our American Republic


We ran the Reagan campaign in Michigan

Provided support for both Reagan Administrations

Provided indendent campaign support in 2016 for President Trump – particularly reaching out to the Reagan “Democrats” we worked so successfully with in the past

Put a Tax Limitation Amendment into Michigan’s Constitution

Spearheaded multiple grassroots' campaigns for meaningful conservative legislation including

  • Passing Freedom To Work
  • Michigan’s right-to-work laws
  • Fighting against Article V Convention
  • Passing several key bills along the way.


Spearhead the advancement of conservative values, policies and movements in Michigan


We have an annual Michigan conservative political action conference called the “Michigan Conservative Union Action Summit” that networks and strategizes with Michigan’s top conservative grass roots leaders, think tanks, academia, legislators, conservative business groups, etc. – the full perspective of the conservative movement from faith, life, tax limitation, 1st, 2nd & 10th Amendment, business, labor, education, liberty, freedom, national defense and other conservative grass roots' issues.

We also sponsor the Upper Peninsula conservative political action summit in Marquette, MI.

We network, plan, strategize, and lay out clear action plans for the future.

Build mass awareness on conservative issues

Drive forward the advancement of conservative & Constitutional values

Limit taxes

Support and promote conservative political campaigns, collaboration with other grassroots' organizations, election integrity, hosting conservative summits, defending Constitutional rights, and additional conservative efforts.

MCU Personnel