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1.     State Legislatures cannot control what happens at an Article V convention. According to the Constitution, Congress sets the initial rules, including Delegate selection (Art. I, Sec. 8, last clause). And once the convention convenes,  the Delegates, whoever they are, would have the self-evident Right to propose any & all amendments or a new constitution with a new and easier mode of ratification, per the Declaration of Independence (para. 2). Would the current Congress welcome an opportunity to throw out our Constitution?
2.     Our political climate is too dangerous to meet in convention. A convention has NEVER been called in the history of the United States. Past amendments to the Constitution have been proposed only through Congress. But an Article V convention could result in our constitutional Republic being replaced with a new Form of Government. Ratification of a new constitution could be a national popular vote where machines determine the outcome!
3.     If our current, limited Constitution is not being followed, why would any changes to it solve the problem of an overreaching federal government? Is the problem with the Constitution or its enforcement?
4.     Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States (COS), has spent tens of millions of dollars over the past decade spreading false information to cajole Legislators into asking Congress to call an Article V convention. And contrary to Meckler’s testimony regarding the “grassroots” nature of his organization, his IRS 990 Forms reveal that nearly 2/3 of his contributions is dark money from major donors! Why are the super wealthy trying to get their hands on our Constitution?



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A statewide petition drive is underway to amend the Michigan constitution to allow abortion at any time during pregnancy. 

Petition gatherers in public location may ask for your signature on a form that begins “Constitutional Amendment to:  establish new individual right to reproductive freedom…”  Michigan’s bishops are encouraging Catholics NOT to sign this petition.  We need all religions to NOT sign it as well.  It will overturn and likely prohibit policies that protect unborn children.  Perhaps kindly respond “no thank you: and ask say a brief prayer for life as you continue with your day.

Organizations in Michigan, including Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union, have formed a ballot committee to raise funds and organizational support to pass this pro-abortion constitutional amendment.  If passed the amendment would go into effect whether or not the U.S. Supreme Court soon allows states to decide their own abortion policy.  

To place a question on the November statewide ballot the proponents of this abortion amendment must collect 425,059 valid signatures from Michigan voters and submit those signatures to the State by July 11, 2022.