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The Longest Standing Conservative Grassroots Organization in Michigan

Founded in 1975 by Norman Hughes, MCU ran the Reagan campaign in Michigan, provided support for both Reagan Administrations, put a Tax Limitation Amendment into Michigan’s Constitution, and spearheaded multiple grassroots campaigns for meaningful conservative legislation including Freedom to Work.

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• Ongoing, "no fake," political updates through our news' posting publications

• Exposure to leaders with in-depth political experience

• Expansive networking, friendships, and resource development

• Association with our Michigan strategic partners

• Special events for the purpose of educating and promoting conservative governance

• Opportunities to participate in all MCU activism and successes!

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All donations will be efficiently utilized for building mass awareness on conservative issues, driving forward the advancement of conservative & constitutional values, limiting taxes, collaboration with grassroots organizations, election integrity, hosting conservative summits, defending constitutional rights, and additional conservative efforts. All MCU members are volunteers.