The Rather Hateful Evolution of Free Speech in Michigan

The Rather Hateful Evolution of Free Speech in Michigan

Michigan has had four Constitutions since 1835. In each version, these same words are repeated in some iteration or another: “Every person may freely speak, write, express and publish his views on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of such right; and no law shall be enacted to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press.

That says … NO LAW ... as does the First Amendment to the United State Constitution.

The first Michigan Constitution expanded the limitation of government authority when confronted with "abuse" of  free speech to say that prosecutions for “libel” should be decided upon by a jury.

Ah, the good old days.

Michigan has been revolutionized by usurpation to the point where in 2019 the current Attorney General dreamed up that she had the authority to create a new Hate Crimes Unit within the Executive Department. The People (and our usurper Governor Gretchen Whitmer) let her get away with it and now, in 2023, the Michigan State Legislature is wasting their time and our money expanding Hate Speech Legislation that no doubt will fall under the “supervision, investigation, prosecution and punishment" of the de facto Hate Crimes Unit.  That is if The People don’t stop this madness, right here, right now.

We cannot let them get away with this type of “weaponized democracy” any longer in our REPUBLIC.

The AG and the elected persons identified as voting in favor of these bills should immediately resign from office. No impeachment, no indictment, no fanfare – simply resign from office for violating their Oaths of Office to protect and defend one of our most fundamental, God-given rights to speak freely, as codified in the Federal Constitution and all four versions of the Michigan State Constitutions.


Following is a list of Michigan State public functionaries who violated their Oath by voting to support HB 4474 and HB 4475:


Aiyash, Farhat, McFall, Shannon,  Andrews, Filler, McKinney, Skaggs, Arbit, Fitzgerald, Mentzer, Snyder, Brabec, Glanville, Miller, Steckloff, Breen, Grant, Morgan, Stone, Brixie, Haadsma, Morse, Tate, Byrnes, Hill, Neeley, Tisdel, Carter, B., Hood, O’Neal, Tsernoglou, Carter, T., Hope, Paiz, Wegela, Churches, Hoskins, Pohutsky, Weiss, Coffia, Koleszar, Price, Whitsett, Coleman, Kuhn, Puri, Wilson, Conlin, Liberati, Rheingans, Witwer, Dievendorf, MacDonell, Rogers,Young, Edwards, Martus, Scott.

Three of the above listed people are members of The Grand Old Party.  That's Kuhn, Tisdel and Filler (even more Republicans voted with the Democrat majority on HB 4476, which is a third bill that further criminalizes "institutional desecration" that is tie-barred to HB 4474 and HB 4475 - which means that they all have to pass to enact any of them - if in fact they were actually written "pursuant to our US Constitution" which they are not).

See Page 9 of MI House Journal from 6-20-2023 linked HERE.

I would suggest that you call your public functionary, except that our phone calls don't work.  These people seem to be marching to a far different drummer than by marching to the simple truth that they cannot abridge the people's fundamental right to speak freely.

These men and women who think that they can change the constitution by the whim or wishes of temporarily-seated bureaucrats need to resign from office at the behest of the American People exercising their rights and duties to demand compliance with our Constitutions.  It begins with understanding our vast rights (properly limited by God's Laws, and our own morals and consciences), recognizing government's limited delegated authorities and then by GETTING ENGAGED. 

Acts 18:9 (KJV) "Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace”

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