What A Man Says Vs What They Say He Says

What A Man Says Vs What They Say He Says

On September 19, 2017, President Donald J. Trump spoke for just over 41 minutes before the United Nations general assembly of persons representing nations around the world. He began by speaking eloquently about the Pillars of Peace that he identified as Sovereignty, Security and Prosperity. He gave the audience a respectful and inspiring lesson about strong sovereign nations and he reminded everyone of the first three beautiful words of the American constitution “We the People.”

After spending about 15 minutes on these high ideals, President Trump stood up to the very faces of tyranny sitting in the audience and launched into a blistering (but honest and pointed) review of the vile and sinister ideologies that need to be driven out of every nation of the world (my observation is that these tyrants in the audience are probably among the very people who are now being given great license by our own “deep state players in our usurped government, media, entertainment industry and academia” to help destroy the man named Donald J. Trump).

In this magnificent speech, President Trump then touched upon a humanitarian solution to refugee resettlement and he points out the misguided focus of the United Nations (which included "allowing governments with egregious human rights records to sit on the UN Human Rights Council"). He talks about the United States bearing an "unfair burden to finance the United Nations," but he then says that "if the institution actually achieved its stated goals, especially of Peace, the investment would be well worth it," after which he once again launched into the unacceptability of corrupt regimes like Cuba and Venezuela.  He finishes this segment of the speech with his expression of "Americas desire to bring relief and support to the Venezuelan people."

President Trump also said that “The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, it is that socialism has been faithfully implemented.” He continued, “Anywhere that socialism and communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish, and devastation and failure.”

If you want to get a refresher course on how Donald Trump, the man, thinks listen carefully to this speech instead of listening to what the tyrants who want to destroy him say about him (or even rather than listening to President Trump's glib, off-the-cuff comments that generally state a truth, but maybe not in the way in which we wish to hear the truth). 

We should also remember that he is a man who, like the rest of humankind, is not perfect.

How can We the People get past the tendency of listening to gossip, personal character attacks and fake news stories that tell us an endless tale of what is wrong with the American Republic, the American People, and our God who Created the Universe? How can we instead confront and ceaselessly fight against the evil that plagues the world? 

Those are my questions after listening to President Trump in possibly his finest hour.  I would enjoy hearing your reviews and questions after listening to this speech.

So, please take 41 minutes and listen to this smart man speaking about the world and about the place that our country holds in it. That is America- the Great “Republic For Which It Stands, One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.

Listen Here: It's No Wonder Tyrants (both foreign and domestic) hate President Donald J. Trump. 


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