PART 2 The CFR Wants Us to Meet Vivek Ramaswamy

PART 2 The CFR Wants Us to Meet Vivek Ramaswamy

In 2021, according to the CFR blog post, “Ramaswamy stepped down from Roivant” and he “founded a new investment company called Strive Asset Management, with the backing of libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel.”

Peter Thiel is also listed on the Roivant Sciences website as a partner in Founders Fund, a company shown as one of the “backers” of Roivant and he is the co-founder of PayPal (A WEF business partner).

Another “backer” of Strive Asset Management is Bill Ackman. He’s the billionaire who cashed out of a credit hedge in 2020 for a profit of $2.6 billion dollars. The New York Post story reads: “When billionaire Bill Ackman went on television last week to tearfully warn that “hell is coming” and beg the White House to shut down the country for 30 days, he was knee deep in a bet against the markets that netted him $2.6 billion. In a Wednesday note to investors of his Pershing Square fund, Ackman said he cashed out of a credit hedge on Monday for a profit of $2.6 billion. The hedge, which he started building on March 3, cost him roughly $27 million and scored big as stock and debt markets floundered on fears of the coming pandemic — fears, critics say, that he helped stoke.” 

Strive Asset Management has a focus. It says so on their website, ya know.

This plaything for a bunch of billionaires says that it is focused on “restoring the voices of everyday citizens in the American economy by leading companies to focus on excellence over politics.”

I hesitate and I won’t use the swear words that are truly on my lips when I ask: "What in the world do these men know about “everyday citizens?” I am so offended by this Kabuki Theater that We the People have been subjected to for well over a century now that I am seeing RED and that is the color of communism regardless of what the news media says.

It is true beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Council on Foreign Relations has long had their red fingers in the American presidential pie.

Following is a series of well documented observations found in a book entitled The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and The American Decline, written by James Perloff, 1988, JBS, Western Islands, Appleton, WI.

Dr. Carroll Quigley called the CFR the front group for JP Morgan and Group (pg 38).

The CFR was instrumental in giving us Woodrow Wilson in 1913 because they financed Teddy Roosevelt which split the Republican ticket and caused the popular incumbent William Harding Taft to lose (pg 27).

The CFR was instrumental in seeing that Herbert Hoover wasn’t re-elected in 1933 because although he did join the CFR he wouldn’t sign on to what he called the fascist National Industry Recovery Act so the CFR helped give us Franklin Delano Roosevelt (pg 60).

The CFR was instrumental in giving us FDR again even though the CFR backed a registered democrat name Wendell Willkie, who catapulated out of nowhere to become the Republican Party candidate in around 1940 – the CFR didn’t care because they backed both parties candidates (pg 61).

Harry Truman, FDR’s VP, rose in politics through some vote fraud scheme called The Pendergast Machine. Truman was surrounded by and trained by FDR’s CFR guys (pg 81).

Eisenhower was catapulted out of nowhere to a four star general status in two years time. He became a CFR money backed guy (pg 101).

Then of course JFK gets assassinated – we get LBJ the socialist/communist dream come true guy.

And it gets worse – from Nixon to Ford to Carter.

Then Ronald Reagan gets elected and from all we see and hear on the America First side of the ledger, he was truly a gentleman who loved this country. However, the unfortunate truth seems to be that Reagan was sucked into the swamp.

Again, according to James Perloff in his well footnoted book, The Shadows of Power,President Reagan appointed CFR lawyer Bill Casey as his campaign manager, chose CFR George Bush Sr as his running mate, appointed 28 CFR men to his transition team (after winning the presidency) and had over 80 members of either the CFR or the Trilaterial Commission, or both, in his administration" (pg 168).

That's why, as popular and populist as Reagan really was, big government grew at an astonishing rate behind the scenes, as Reagan was "allowed" to continue his down-home, mom-and-apple-pie persona all the way to the end of his life.

Even today, no one can really tarnish his image although many of us have suggested a disconnect between what he was saying and what was happening at the time (only to get our heads figuratively chewed off by indignant Reagan supporters).

Then Bush, and Clinton, and Bush, and Obama – all globalists to the (common) core.

And then we get Donald J. Trump. And the CFR, and the WEF and the news conglomerates can’t seem to control him. They did a real good job of hunting and haunting this man and his family every day of their lives since 2016 even through today when they are still trying to destroy this man, as in the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

And now they are trying to divide his base with yet another shiny new object who is tarnished by the same old tactics of the powers behind the throne (pg 1).

It is no wonder that these powers behind the throne continue to use the same tarnished, old tactics because the American people have proven to them over and over again that these tactics still work!

So ... what are Vivek Ramaswamy's policy positions and what about faith ... does it play a part in politics? Read PART 3 of The CFR Wants Us to Meet Vivek Ramaswamy

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Part 2 - The CFR Wants US to Meet Vivek Ramaswamy

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