PART 1 The CFR Wants Us to Meet Vivek Ramaswamy

PART 1 The CFR Wants Us to Meet Vivek Ramaswamy

NOTE: Due to the constraints of the MCU web platform, this commentary had to be divided into three parts.

If you believe that vetting United States presidential candidates is a long overdue and underperformed obligation of the American people, please read all three Parts.

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On March 8, 2023, a blog post written by Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member James M. Lindsay was published on the CFR website highlighting the life and times of a very promising young, talented, brilliant, rich entrepreneur named Vivek Ramaswamy. In fact, once I begin searching out more information on Mr. Ramaswamy, I found that the whole world seems to be jumping on the Ramaswamy bandwagon. Everyone from Breitbart, to Red State, to Jenna EllisEmerald RobinsonSteve Bannon, to Fox Business to Fox News and more is showcasing this “shiny new object” who wants to run for the presidency of the United States… on the Republican Party ticket… against President Donald J. Trump… who (one could argue) might well be the best President we have had in our lifetimes, from a policy position standpoint.

When we are presented with a shiny new object like this, it would behoove the American people to research the underbelly of the object to make sure that this shiny new object that we are all asked to throw our weight (and our money) behind isn’t somehow rather tarnished by the same old tactics used in the art of propaganda.

For the sake of vetting a man who wants to be our next president, let’s take an objective look into Mr. Ramaswamy’s background, study his policy positions, his faith, a brief overview of previous presidents and presidential candidates, and Mr. Ramaswamy's multiple ties to business partners of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

We should remember that the WEF has a set of 8 predictions for “the world” in 2030.

These predictions include owing nothing, renting everything; ditching fossil fuels by putting a global price on carbon; ending US dominance (aka sovereignty – my word); the end for the need of hospitals due to less accidents because of “self-driving” cars (which we probably won’t be able to afford to own, so we might have less accidents because we will all be riding bikes – my words); meat will be a treat, not a staple food; there will be an economic integration of refugees (as climate change will have displaced a billion people - their words, not mine); something about bolstering “our democracies” (I guess they didn’t get the memo that America is a Republic – but I digress); and moving humans to the moon (they call it the Red Planet).

We can only hope that it will be the WEF humans who are relocated to the moon, because personally I’m waiting for the day when God’s Will be done on earth as it is in heaven, so I kind of want to stick around here.

Getting back to Vivek Ramaswamy, we first must note that he was identified as a WEF “2021 Young Global Leader” in the field of Global Health and Healthcare – see here (scroll down to the Global Health and Healthcare category). We can only wonder if it is the Young Global Leaders whose ideas are represented on the Global Future Councils.

It might be difficult to say because one of the hallmarks of globalism seems to be a patchwork of companies, affiliations, sponsors, spin-offs, partners, subsidiaries, agreements and collaborations.

What we can say is that Mr. Ramaswamy has been on the fast track to success for quite a while now. According to the same CFR blog post, he was “the valedictorian of his Jesuit high school. He graduated from Harvard College and Yale Law School, worked at a hedge fund, then started a pharmaceutical company, Roivant Sciences, where he made hundreds of millions of dollars.”

And wouldn't you know it ... Vivek Ramaswamy is a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow to boot.  In a Fox News write up upon the death of George Soros' older brother Paul in 2015, the article reports that "Though his politics were progressive, (Paul) Soros did not share his younger brother (George)'s political activism, Peter Soros (Paul's son) said." (parentheses added for clarity).

Ramaswamy was so successful at being a hedge fund manager while at QVT Financial (where he worked from 2007- 2013) that QVT made him a partner.

Then, with private financing from Palantir Technologies, Viking Global Investors, Softbank and others, Vivek founded Roivant Sciences in 2014.

Palantir Technologies, and Viking Global Investors are WEF business partners.

SoftBank is a global company that invented a little robot named Pepper that can “detect whether office workers are wearing a mask.” The robot says, “I see one of you is not wearing a mask.” If you put your mask on, Pepper says, “Thank you for putting your mask on.”

According to this blog post, Jonathan Boiria, the then head of sales in Europe for SoftBank told Reuters that “… We're all human. Sometimes I take off my mask when I get off the bus and I forget to put it back on when I arrive at the office. 'The robot provides a reminder – we can all get it wrong or forget.”

I wonder what little Pepper will do when the first free citizen of the world tells him to politely go pound sand into his microchips.

Anyway, in 2014, Roivant Sciences was established as a parent (sort of an umbrella) company that has over 20 subsidiaries called vants.

During the ensuing years, Mr. Ramaswamy's Roivant engaged in some very lucrative business acquisitions, partnerships, and licensing agreements.

For example, in 2018 Roivant partnered with a company called Poxel to co-develop a diabetes treatment. You probably won’t find Poxel on the WEF website, but if you look a little deeper, you can find that Poxel is a spin off of Merck, which is a WEF business partner.

On that same Poxel website under a section entitled Leading Expertise in Metabolic Disease you can also read that Poxel has a strategic partnership with Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals.

According to an article posted on, Sumitomo Pharma paid Roivant around 3 billion dollars to acquire stake in five of Roivant’s vants.

It is also documented that a company named Sumitovant was formed in 2019 as a result of this “strategic alliance” between Sumitomo and Roivant.

Viking Global Investors (a business partner of the WEF) disclosed that it holds a 75.6% stake in Urovant Sciences (another one of Mr. Ramaswamy's Roivant subsidiary companies),

Notice that generally speaking these posts don’t speak of stocks or stockholders. Instead many of them seem to be using the Klaus Schwab latest globalist word-salad word – stake or stakeholder. There is quite a big difference between a stockholder and a stakeholder.

In a nutshell, stockholders are people who have a monetary or intellectual investment in a corporation. They earn dividends. Stakeholders, on the other hand, include the employees, society and the planet who are all just somehow supposed to be given a “stake” in the company’s profits.

I think it is kind of nutty that Klaus Schwab apparently seems unwilling to recognize that stockholders already do give benefit to the employees, society and the planet by providing jobs, incomes, and needed goods and services.

It is a moral truism of the free market that the inventor of the microwave should receive a higher return-on-investment than the person who pushes a button to use a microwave, even if he is feeding the world.

The problem that I have with all of this high "stake" wheeling and dealing is that it represents the globalization of our health care.

I know that we all seem to have forgotten, but, in America, health care is an individual responsibility.

No where in our Constitution can you find delegated authority given to the federal government over our health care. In fact, Article 4, Section 4 of the United States constitution clearly delineates that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Therefore, no democratic, socialist, communist, one-world government program should be tolerated in this country; not by the government, not for the World Economic Forum, not for the Council on Foreign Relations, and not for Big Pharma.

Before we move on to Mr. Ramaswampy’s most recent business venture, it is important to note that “the Original Big Guy” JP Morgan Securities LLC serves as one of a handful of financial advisors and capital markets advisors to Roivant.

It’s literally incredible how these same names keep popping up.

JP Morgan was one of the original American money barons at the turn of the 20th century. In addition to consolidating his personal grip on America’s railroads, harvesting, electricity, manufacturing, banking, US government financing, with ties to the London financial world, JP Morgan was also part owner of an island off the shores of Brunswick, Georgia. That resort island was where the banking cartel plan was formulated that led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank. As you probably already know, it is called Jekyll Island as detailed in The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Bank, written by G. Edward Griffin, first printed in 1994 by American Media, Westlake Village, CA (see pgs 7-8).

You probably also know that when congress abdicated one of their delegated authorities over to the Federal Reserve Bank, that is when the international banksters “gained effective control over the nation’s money supply, and interest rates, and thus over its economic life” as described in The Shadows of Power, The Council on Foreign Relations and The American Decline, written by James Perloff in 1988, JBS, Western Islands, Appleton, WI (see pg 24).

If ever there was a king of America, the potentate of a one-world government, JP Morgan would be the guy. And his name is still among the high and the mighty.

What has Mr. Ramaswamy been doing lately, you ask?

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