To Call or Not to Call - That Is The Question

To Call or Not to Call - That Is The Question

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Following is a copy of an email sent to Mr.Jim Runestad (who "represents" MI District 15 in the State senate) regarding the dangers of misguided legislation that have contributed to our public school education system becoming a resounding failure. Does HB 5097 "represent" your wishes?


HB 5097
I consider myself to be a good patriotic American citizen so when a legislator sends out an emergency call to action, I respond. However, rather than picking up the phone to plead with the Michigan Senate Majority Leader or the Speaker of the Michigan House, I pick up my copy of the Michigan Constitution to see what it is that this public functionary is proposing to change or to stop from being changed with this particular Act, Bill, Petition or Whatever.
This past weekend I received my marching orders from Senator Jim Runestad.
Now, Mr. Runestad is a man to whom I had great hopes of his bringing justice and truth, honor and clarity to our Republic. My hopes have been dashed on more than one occasion to the point where I will never march in another parade for Mr. Runestad and I won’t be running with Runestad.
Before everybody gets on the phone with Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and we all clog his message machine with angry rants, let’s take a look at HB 5097 - the Act that Mr. Runestad wants moved to the floor for the Senate to turn it into a Law.
The key amendment in HB 5097 is this simple sentence: "The core academic curriculum must not, in any way, include the promotion of any form of race or gender stereotyping or anything that could be understood as implicit race or gender stereotyping."
Let's consider the word "implicit" -– there’s a Merriam-Webster dictionary definition that says implicit means that something is "capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed," so the teachers of the core curriculum are held to a standard of not promoting something they haven’t expressed?
How’s that work?
There are eight general statements that are taboo-like triggers if you suspect someone is guilty of “race or gender stereotyping” or “implicit” race or gender stereotyping in HB 5097 – one of them is...
That all individuals comprising a racial or ethnic group or gender hold a collective quality or belief.”
Let’s pull a few words out of that sentence... Gender, Collective and Quality.
What is a gender collective quality? Well, let’s look at each one of those three words.
Gender- I mean there are only two of them; You are either a man or you are a woman – Let’s be real.
Collective- Well, that means “the same as” or “shared” again according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition Number 6:
Quality- In this context we mean a distinguishing characteristic.
So, in other words, if high school senior Johnny comes into his Math class and says to the teacher; “Sally said I’m a girl” and the teacher responds by saying “No Johnny, you have beard, a mustache and an Adam's apple, you're a boy, what could happen to that math teacher, Mr. Runestad, under this new law?
So let’s look again at that Act that Mr. Runestad wants to be turned into Law –
What it is saying is that the People’s school Teachers who are educating our children cannot in any way promote the fact that men or women have shared characteristics.
And Mr. Runestad, if you think that the players who hold all the keys to the castle won’t interpret that Law in the way that I just explained it, maybe we need to send you back to school to try to find your man parts.
Mr. Runestad responded and he wasn't very happy. So, that makes two of us. Stay tuned for a Rebuttal to Mr. Runestad's response!!

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