Justice DENIED... Again

Justice DENIED... Again

News came out early Monday morning, January 9, 2023, that the Brunson brothers case against 388 elected government workers charged with violating their Oaths of Office was DENIED by the justices of the United States supreme court… just like all the other cases, heard in all the other courts, associated with the alleged theft of the November 3, 2020, elections.

There was no fanfare; there was no explanation; and there was no surprise.

Just a one-line entry on a 20 page list of cases under the category CERTIORARI DENIED.

NOTE: For those of us who prefer to speak normal English we would say JUDICIAL REVIEW DENIED.

It looked something like this ...


22-380 BRUNSON, RALAND J. V. ADAMS, ALMA S., ET AL. (See Page 5)


The Brunson brothers website gives a little bit more of an explanation … here is what they said:


January 9, 2023
The SCOTUS denies Raland's petition
(Without explanation, The Justices voted to not hear the case. The brothers move forward with the plan to file a petition for reconsideration, along with more support from we the people.)


In a recent interview linked HERE, when asked if the Constitution is hanging by a thread, Deron Brunson answered (at 1:33:39) by saying, “It’s hanging by the Oath of Office. The Oath of Office is the chain that binds the constitution. If we can … hold people accountable to their violation of the Oath of Office it will save the constitution.”

That is so true.

The trouble is that the “highly covert swift and powerful enemy” that Raland Brunson speaks of in his case does exist, and they have been doing everything in their power for a very long time to destroy the American foundations of Godly principles in education, media, and government.

If you have not had an opportunity to read about the Brunson case, please read an article posted on the Michigan Conservative Union website linked HERE:

Now, with this most recent disappointment, there are some new questions that come to mind.

“Did the supreme court justices violate their own Oaths of Office by denying this case in light of the fact that this case makes some serious allegations of a national security threat that exists with every day that goes by?”

“Do We the People deserve an explanation as to why the supreme court justices denied this case, and is there a way we can demand an explanation?”

“Can this lack of transparency in our judicial system ever be reversed, and is there a way we can demand transparency from our public functionaries?”

“Is our constitutional Republic going to survive if we honestly believe that five men and four women in black robes hold all the keys to our safety and security, and can we stop this incongruity by way of increased citizen involvement?”

“Have the Brunson brothers set a workable template for The People to represent themselves in court and thereby reduce the outrageous fees and unwieldy power associated with the judicial economy as it presently exists?”

We can only hope that the answers to all of these questions is, “Yes.” 

And, we can only hope that at some point more Americans will join the Brunson brothers in demanding justice.

Thank you Loy, Deron and Raland Brunson.


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