It’s Time to Bury the Term “Election Denier”

It’s Time to Bury the Term “Election Denier”

by Chris Meister, MCU Vice President

Make no mistake, the term “election denier” was purposely coined as a form of derision intended to be so hurtful as to discourage any reasoned discussion of corruption in our electoral process.

The goal was to equate honest people with honest concerns over a very serious, ongoing issue with the unconscionable “Holocaust deniers.”

No sane, honest person denies that a government, unrestrained by law or morality, systematically murdered some six million Jews between 1933 and 1945 through a ruthlessly efficient, soulless state bureaucracy. But unfortunately, there are some who deny the grim reality of the Holocaust despite overwhelming evidence without any sound basis for believing it to be a hoax.

There is ample reason and evidence to honestly doubt the integrity of the election process, however, especially in Michigan. Under the irresponsible premise that convenience should be valued—at all cost—over the security and integrity of the process, much harm has been done to a once noble and widely-envied system of self-governance. It is now unquestionably susceptible to abuse and there is clear evidence that it has indeed been corrupted. In 2016, a recount of the Michigan Presidential vote demanded by candidate Jill Stein uncovered undeniable proof of this.

Inexplicably, there was no official investigation as a result and no official action to correct any flaws. This dereliction of duty by office-holding representatives crosses party lines and might cause one to question the legitimacy of their elections.

It is those who refuse to admit this grim reality that are doing the true denying.

They enable a largely successful and ultimately destructive propaganda campaign masking the insecurity of our electoral process while protecting abusers. In an Orwellian assault on our language and logic, intelligent and courageous people attempting to draw attention to this obvious, worrisome reality are demonized through an unjust but deliberate association with those seeking to deny the Holocaust.

No sane person denies that elections have taken place since 2016 in the way some simply deny the deaths of those Jews took place. But many honest people have sincere doubts about the current integrity of our election process. Those profiting by the corruption of the process have been tireless in their work to suppress those doubts.

Back in 2007 a ceremony was held at Detroit’s Cobo Center (as it was then known) to symbolically “bury” the N-word, a term that has no place in civil discourse. While not completely successful in its results, perhaps this precedent should be revived today. Given the events that transpired on the same spot in November 2020, when it was called TCF Center, Huntington Place (as it is now known) might be the natural place to symbolically bury the term “election denier.”

Perhaps that would be a suitable step toward removing this dishonestly coined, intentionally divisive term from the news media and civil political discourse, as it should be. Just as the N-word is still used by coarse people fueling racial discontent, “election denier” will undoubtably continue to be used by coarse people stoking division and protecting corruption. It is in every American’s interest to renounce this term and make sure our electoral process is above reproach.


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