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Anarchy in America

Take a look at the words and images shared within the links that are embedded in the following article called Revenge Riot in Atlanta: The New ‘Evil Empire’ Strikes Again written by long time friend and advocate of Michigan Conservative Union, Mr. Chris Wright, the humble but profoundly prolific author and great grassroots activist within the leadership of Virginia’s Potomac Tea Party.

Look at the string of false narratives that go all the way from our clearly delineated First Amendment right “to petition our government” for the “redress of grievances” and the right “to assemble,” to the wanton destruction of “other people’s property” (AKA the devolution of our Fourth Amendment right to “be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects”), and then take a look at the mostly youthful faces of the men and women who are perpetrating the narrative and the destruction.

Then ask yourself: "Can we help our children and our grandchildren come to an understanding of God, faith, freedom and family so that they might find a reason to produce and protect rather than destroy and devalue?"

Much work needs to be done … get involved, stay involved, and pray for peace to return to America, a place we used to call “the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Janice Daniels


1/24/23 - Revenge Riot in Atlanta: The New ‘Evil Empire’ Strikes Again

The riot in Atlanta over the weekend has prompted new legislation to designate Antifa a domestic terrorist organization.  Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said she would introduce such a bill which, if passed, would result in an investigation into Antifa’s operations and funding.

If you only paid attention to left-wing media coverage of the riot, you must be wondering what it has to do with Antifa.  The Guardian and the Associated Press both portrayed the protesters as ‘environmental activists’, one of whom was shot and killed by police during previous ongoing demonstrations against the building of a police training facility in a wooded area near Atlanta.  The Guardian said there is no evidence the man shot first at police, as was widely reported, and quoted the man’s mother saying her son was “assassinated in cold blood.”  The Guardian story said the action was unprecedented, the first killing of an environmental activist in the U.S.  The ‘Stop Cop City’ movement began in 2021 after the Atlanta city council approved the new training center, the Guardian went on.  But vandalism caused officials to start calling the protesters ‘terrorists’.  Police began conducting raids, leading to the arrest of six “forest defenders” on state domestic terrorism charges in mid-December, also an unprecedented affront to the environmental and justice movement, the Guardian reported.  Seven more militants were similarly charged on the day one of the protesters was killed last week.

The Associated Press story went on in the same vein, that these were harmless little tree huggers who wouldn’t hurt a fly.  The person killed was a transgender who used they/it pronouns - an “extremely loving, caring member of the ‘Stop Cop City’ community,” the AP reported. 

To its credit, the AP did mention explosive devices were recovered during the riot and mortar-style fireworks, edged weapons, pellet rifles, gas masks, and a blow torch were found at the protesters’ camp site.  But neither story mentioned Antifa at all.

However, Andy Ngo, a victim of Antifa who wrote a book on them, reported, “The riot was organized as revenge for their gunman dying in a shootout at the autonomous zone.”  Autonomous zones are an Antifa thing.  All of the seven militants arrested after the shootout were from out of state, another Antifa hallmark.  Other indicia this was Antifa include radical environmentalism and anti-police militancy, both found in Antifa’s manifesto.  With regard to the latter, the protesters were trying to stop the construction of a police training facility.  During the riot, they targeted the Police Foundation building in downtown Atlanta and set a police car on fire.  Adding to the case this was Antifa, a cross-over from transgenderism to Antifa has become apparent in recent months.  Both share communist ideology, as is apparent from Antifa’s manifesto and from a video showing transgender activists talking about using transgenderism to usher in communism.

There is no serious dispute these were far-left militants in Atlanta, whether they formally belonged to an Antifa group or not.  So Marjorie Taylor Greene’s proposed legislation to go after Antifa is a good place to start.

The radical violent Left should never been allowed to get this far.  I blame politicians like Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler for being complicit.  Without the cooperation of politicians, the Antifa riots and lawless autonomous zones of 2020 could not have happened.  Because politicians were complicit, a billion dollars in property damage, the wholesale destruction of downtown areas, and injuries to 700 police officers in the riots of 2020 would not have taken place.  You have to ask yourself why politicians - all Democrats - would want to bring about such destruction. 

You also have to ask why the FBI and the Justice Department are completely uninterested in pursuing Antifa and violent left-wing militancy more generally.  You also have to ask why left-wing media would cover up or minimize the seriousness of the riots and Antifa’s involvement in them.  Once again, we were treated to media gaslighting us during the Atlanta riot.  A local TV reporter called the riot a “largely peaceful protest” while the camera showed a police cruiser engulfed in flames in the background.  You will recall CNN made the same idiotic claim with buildings on fire in the background during the riots of 2020.  Things are not made better by lying about them.

Left-wing politicians, left-wing media, and government agencies captured by the Left, all working in concert to further the aims of radical violent left-wing militants, who constitute the armed wing of the left-wing Democrat Party in this country.  This is why I now call the Left the ‘Evil Empire’ and you should, too.

Chris Wright


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